Press Release for NAB

Press Release for NAB

City-Producer to be released at NAB Show New York
An Integrated Professional Broadcast Quality Mobile Journalism App comes to the iPhone

Luxembourg, October 1, 2017 – Coming just one month after an extremely successful launch of the European version of City-Producer at IBC in Amsterdam, the US version of the product will be released at the NAB Show in New York being held at the Javits Center on October 18 and 19, 2017. International and US staff will be on hand to demonstrate the product and answer questions at booth N1142.

Designed specifically for broadcast television facilities, City-Producer incorporates all of the tools that the professional mobile journalist requires for remote content creation and uploading to the TV station or to social media websites. The City-Producer development team maximized the use of the iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus hardware to enhance performance allowing the application to speed through various tasks in real-time. The US version of the software supports 30 fps frame rates. Versions of the software are differentiated based on the location where the purchase is made.

Every aspect of the application was conceived with a professional workflow in mind. The integrated high definition camera has built-in stabilization, independent aperture and ISO control. It allows for either automatic or manual settings for all functions including pre-setting color temperature. It incorporates variable zoom and can quickly switch between one or the other cameras when using the iPhone 7 Plus or the newly released 8 Plus. While recording, the screen display indicates processor use, the battery level, the storage still available on the iPhone and the actual length of the recording. Zebra, grid and waveform displays can be enabled or disabled as can the manual or automatic focus and “Tap to Focus” features.

The editing tools make it simple to edit video and audio so that the mobile journalist can devote his time to the actual story while still providing reliable and consistent pristine broadcast quality results. Advanced features such as the use of an Illustration track which follows the main video track so that it does not have to be re-edited if moved, removes a technical burden from the user and allows him to concentrate on the important points of the project.

In addition, the user can access the audio level settings for the clips separately from the video clips, e.g. video thumbnails are replaced with audio thumbnails that display the audio waveform. City-Producer will automatically normalize all of the audio segments to align all of the audio to a specific reference. Cross fades are automatically set and are visually represented so that the user can easily identify these. Audio between V1 and V2 tracks are automatically adjusted to prevent the audio from becoming


Voice-overs are easy to do by selecting a Mark-In and Mark-out point where the voice-over should be placed. The app provides the user with a five second visual countdown. The City-Producer sound illustration library allows the user to insert music tracks and the music can be automixed as the very last task before the final version of the project is compiled.

Static graphics as well as dynamic graphics, such as lower third titles (which can have up to four different fields that will contain text that is overlaid onto the video) are easily incorporated into the edit by selecting an In and an Out point. The transition length is definable by the user. The font, size, and positioning are handled by the application to the precise pixel so the user doesn’t have to worry about adjustments to assure repeatable and consistent broadcast level results.

Using the Internet, City-Producer users are able to make full use of Dropbox to import assets that are sharable by anyone with access from any platform that Dropbox supports. As with Dropbox, FTP support is built right into the application so that the journalist can send finished packages directly to the station for immediate broadcast.

“Cameras, editing work stations and transmitters have all been distilled down into one simple yet powerful video communications tool – City-Producer. Everything you need is now in your pocket,” was the reaction of Michael Balas of Cleveland, Ohio, CEO of VitreoVideo. “I can now witness something at noon and have it edited and delivered in just a few minutes. No big hardware, no cables and no waiting. City- Producer meets my sense of immediacy and frees me up to focus on the message and not the process.”

“From the realtime scopes during recording, to the “everything they’ve always asked for” editorial features to the simplicity by which a technical novice can submit edited and live streaming content, this app and its companion station-side software will allow any news gathering facility to step up the immediacy and quality of their content,” said Matt Geller, President, Meta Media Creative Technologies, a System Design Architect, Instructor, and Author who works extensively with broadcast facilities, and creative groups in large companies.

City-Live is a City-Producer module that runs on the iPhone and streams using the RTMP protocol to any rtmp compatible server / device / platform. It can be accessed by clicking on the Live button on the City-Producer Project screen on the iPhone. City-Live will sequence and play out any of the videos on the iPhone that are stored on the phone. City-Live can switch between the live camera input and the stored video during playback and thus do away with the need for a playout capable OB van in the field. The output is done in CBR or in VBR whereby the stream automatically adapts to network congestion avoiding transmission problems.

City-Producer also comes with a Mac based application called City-Connect which allows the user to directly export projects from City-Producer to any Mac and to to manage music and graphic libraries. To bring a project into Final Cut Pro X, all the user needs to do is connect the lightning cable to the iPhone and the Mac. The City-Producer transferred project will be opened in Final Cut Pro X with the various Mark-In and Mark-Out points intact.

City-Producer is available from authorized City-Producer resellers.The yearly subscription is $690 and includes online technical support, upgrades and license maintenance. A list of City-Producer authorized resellers is provided on the City-Producer website ( For more information about City-Producer in the USA and other Western Hemisphere countries, contact Mike Skibra, City- Producer Territory Manager, at

For more information about City-Producer in Europe, Asia and Africa, contact

You can download the press release here.